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January 25, 2011

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There was a goofy smile on my face all last week. After the Etsy Shop’s front page makeover, wonderfully generous people emailed, sending the kindest comments and congratulations. My little shop hasn’t gotten this kind of attention before and it’s been so exciting.

Victoria, the very talented and lovely blogger, from sfgirlbybay, tweeted about my front page. I was at the movies, had just seen The King’s Speech (gorgeous, wonderful, beautiful, a must) and was checking my email. The “oh!” I let out made a few people near me jump slightly and move slightly further away.

And then, on Friday, Cool Hunting did a write up, which was another tremendous surprise. I kept walking around the house and coming back to the computer to look and make sure that was really my face on Cool Hunting and that I hadn’t been imagining it. Yep, it sure was. Me and my Dewberry Hat. I love Cool Hunting and am a loyal follower, and to be featured on it is indescribable.

I sit in my sunny studio, knitting all day long, sometimes wondering who’ll wear the hat I happen to be knitting at that moment. Or, I wonder if anyone will ever find that hat at all. I knit what I love, and I knit what makes me happy, so for people to see the work I do and respond to it in a positive way, well, it makes my heart pitter patter all the more. Big love to you, internet, and all the internet fairies out there spreading kindness!

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